Hexbug Inchworm Update

Just a quick heads up (I know it’s been months but better late than never ;))

I’m having trouble completing my Hexbug Inchworm project due to the small size of the Hexbug. It’s hard to accomodate an arduino and a battery, and my previous attempts at mounting the arduino on top have had influence on the movement due to a change of the center of mass. I didn’t like how wobbly it had become. It couldn’t even walk straight anymore. So this is why I’ve been scouting for parts mostly since the last entry.

To make matters worse, I’m still not sure if I should just stick with the robot wandering around aimlessly or if I would like some more sophisticated means of movement (which would necessitate additional sensors).

So there it is. I’m back to the planning board and searching for parts and that’s why there’s no cool autonomous hexbug yet.

Someday, maybe. 🙂

Some C, finally

After this Winter Semester I can now finally count C as one of the languages I am comfortable in.

I learned programming C in a course that could loosely translate to “programming close to system” or “machine oriented programming”.

We devised a virtual machine for the ninja programming language that was designed from the ground up as a stack machine. A stack machine is a easy start as you can quickly design the stack and binary operations that consume operands from the stack and produce one new result to be pushed on the stack.

We started with a purely integer based stack, because we wanted the encoding of instructions to be conceptualized before we added an object based stack.

The encoding of instructions went like so: Continue reading “Some C, finally”